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Ever have someone tell you something they "heard on the radio"? Radio advertising is a flexible and almost immediate way to advertise your business, an event, or promotion. An effective advertising campaign should include radio spots on one, two, or all three of our stations.


95.9 FM Real Country is the industry’s leader in traditional Country radio programming. Real Country’s approach creates a classic Country sound by combining new hits with great songs from the past. On air personalities familiar with Country's roots position this format in a niche distinct from other contemporary or mainstream Country formats.


94.3 FM and 1590 AM The Mook has a multigenerational reach and recently scored its biggest ratings successes in a decade. Westwood One Classic Rock is centered on the greatest rock songs of the 70s and 80s with a dash of tracks from the early 90s. Classic Rock is a solid, stable format that attracts loyal and affluent listeners.


Coast 105.5 plays the best mix of music from the 90s through today. It’s music-intensive, Top 40 radio for adults, without the rap and hard rock. It features a contemporary, upbeat tempo with a relatable and entertaining DJ presentation.

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